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Humbers for Sale


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Humbers for sale

1935 Humber Vogue for Sale.

In beautiful condition throughout. Owned for 16 years.  A lot of work undertaken including new tyres, new batteries (2 × 6v), refurbished SU carburettor, s/s exhaust, front seats refurbished. Recent bills for work done.

Featured in the October 2018 'The Automobile' magazine.

Offers around £20,000.

Car located in Hampshire. Speak to me in the first instance, Stephen Lewis , details in 'OF'

For Sale

Humber Sceptre MK 1 - 1963

Mine since 1984 2nd owner

Nice but needs work

A runner

Good number plate to go with car

Club member

Contact: Mobile 07814449344


A Humber Hawk MkIII to dispose of

I wonder if you could help me. I have a Humber Hawk Mk III to dispose of. Unfortunately, it is in pieces. Only body, seats, engine and gearbox intact. But all parts are there. Would anybody be interested in either restoring it or taking all the spare parts. I believe they may be interchangeable with a Mk IV, though not sure. I would be willing to give it away if any interest. As I think it would be a shame just to scrap it all. They are fairly rare.

Diana Bennett

Contact: Email Tel:01262 340038 - Location: Bridlington

1964 Sceptre 1725, Overdrive

Handbook, Manual and parts list

Engine said to have done less than 5000 miles

Paintwork new but average

Some non-essential bits missing, suit a bit of winter TLC

OIRO £5000 Near M42 J11 (Twycross Zoo)

Email for more details, history

1957 Humber Hawk Mk VI

2.2Ltr Petrol

Ongoing Project

Engine Fully Serviced

Clutch and Brakes Replaced

Car Running and Driving

Looking for a good home

Price £1500 pounds

Contact Gary on 07510886694 for more details

Location: Ayrshire Scotland