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Humber cars 1931 to 1976

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Wanted Humber Cars & Parts


Came into effect on 1 Jan 1978 and requires all advertising by people who sell goods in the course of a business to make the fact clear. From that date consumers should be able to tell whether an advertisement relates to a sale by a trader or private seller. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to comply with the order.It is an offence, for which you may be prosecuted, not to advertise the fact that you are a trader.

Please email Wanted to the Webmaster, adverts should be no more than 50 words long, any photographs to accompany the advert

should be attached to the email. Adverts will be displayed for at least six months unless otherwise notified.  The Editor will copy adverts from the website to the next available club magazine.  There is no charge for advertising for club members or non-club members.

Warning!  This is a high visibility site. As well as being seen by lots of buyers it will also be seen by lots of scammers and spammers. - please protect your normal email address by whatever means is best for you.

Adverts can be placed directly on the Face book page. If you do not have or want a Face book Account please email and I will place the advert for you.

Wanted - 1930's Humbers


Engine Wanted for 1937 Humber 18.

Contact: Michael Krafft (Germany) email


Wanted a pair of front seats for a 1933-1934 Humber Twelve, the ones made of strips of leather. Can anyone help please?  Failing a 'pair', a passenger one would suffice.

Contact:Mike Tel: 07752126341

Wanted - Mark Humbers

Humber Pullman wanted for a new life in Norfolk. No silly prices please we all know how much work is involved I don’t care how

rough but must be saveable.

If you want a good home for your old one we have one.

Telephone: Glen at Norfolk Humbers 07799216533 (Trade)


Stromberg dvba42 carburettor for Super Snipe MKIV 4139cc

Contact A Greenaway Tel: 01268693160 Essex Email


WANTED Humber Super Snipe Mk IV (1952-57), ideally late model manual with overdrive but appreciate that for this vehicle beggars can't be choosers. A drivable car in roadworthy condition, please, not a derelict barn find - I am neither an engineer nor a magician.

Please reply to Peter by email on Email or by phone on 077 1028 7309


WANTED. 1951 Super Snipe Mk 3 Parts

Door cards, Firewall Cards, Front Foot well cards, Rear quarterlight cards Panels

Colour beige if possible, and in reasonable condition. Looking for original panels if possible, could make new but would look out of place with original seats.

Contact: Wayne Reynolds. Tel:0208 333 2429

Wanted - Series Humbers

Wanted Series Imperial. Must be original, un-molested car and represent a first class example. Maroon or Silver colour preferred

and a premium paid for a west of England cloth interior, low mileage and history would be an advantage. Genuine examples only

please, prepared to travel anywhere to view right car, and purchase up to £15k.

Contact: Stephen Osborne Tel:07971526542

All Series Humbers wanted good bad and downright ugly, anything considered !!!!! (NOT FOR BANGER RACING) distance no problem. Also redundant spares required new old stock etc Various spares for sale

Telephone: Glen at Norfolk Humbers 07799216533 (Trade)


Wanted - 1961 Period Radio for 1961 Series 3 Super Snipe. HMV/ Radiomobile/Echo

Contact: G Armishaw Tel: 077117338587

Wanted - Sceptres


Wanted spare Automatic Gearbox and Torque Converter for Mk2 Sceptre.

Contact: Lindsay Smith Email


Wanted Humber Sceptre Mk3 or similar anything considered.

Contact Rae: 01547 520924 Email


Wanted Humber Sceptre Mk1 front brake calipers,

If anyone can help they can contact me Reg Patterson Tel: 01983 300125

Wanted - Military Humbers

Wanted - Humber Literature


Humber Super Snipe Series 3


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